Entertainment Law

Marks & Klein provides a broad range of legal services to our clients who are involved in the creation, production, management and protection of all forms of creative works. Our attorneys understand the unique needs of artists in various disciplines in the entertainment industry, including:


  • record deals, production, management, intra-band, and publishing agreements and sync licensing in the music industry;
  • collaboration, work-for-hire, and cast and crew agreements, personal releases, and location agreements in the film and tv industries; and
  • publishing and licensing agreements for authors.


We assist clients in the formation and operating agreements of corporate entities for running the “business” aspect of the entertainment business.  We advise our clients with respect to the registration of copyrights and trademarks and protection of intangible assets through employment agreements and other means.  If necessary, the firm will litigate matters in both state and federal court and arbitration. Our extensive knowledge of intellectual property, litigation and dispute resolution and the evolving entertainment industry enables the firm to effectively and efficiently serve our clients’ needs throughout their careers.